Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter this year, was pretty fun for our family.  

We started off the festivities a few weeks before the holiday with a neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  Even though Bobby had participated in past years' hunts, he finally "got it" this year.  The day was gorgeous, and it's always fun to see our friends and neighbors.  Love our 'hood!

Very serious hunter.

I swear Bobby had fun! Ha!
The weather on Easter was beautiful, here in Birmingham!  We started the day by going to church, and then heading home for brunch (made by yours truly.)  We have always headed to our neighborhood's resort for brunch, but I did not make reservations this year, due to family visiting.  Once those plans sadly fell through, I decided to just cook brunch myself.  I made a breakfast casserole recipe found on Pinterest, pancakes, eggs, and bacon.  Bob and I also enjoyed a mimosa!

Love these munchkins!
Evie - 4 months old, Bobby - 2 1/2 years old

Evie's outfit was given by Bob's grandmother, Renee.  Bobby's shirt was given by my mom.

This was around 1pm.  We were pretty full all day long.

After brunch, we dyed some Easter eggs.  

Can you tell I was taking advantage of NOT being behind the camera this day! Ha!

After dying our eggs, Bob headed outside to hide some eggs for Bobby.  And, let me explain why he's not wearing pants.  We've been potty-training the past few weeks, and it is a lot easier for Bobby to just pull down his undies to go potty; instead, of pants too.  Plus, he had woken from his nap.  

Who am I kidding?  My child has never been big on wearing pants!  That's how we roll here in the Ross house.  I'm sure Evie will be the same way.  

Just look at this Regal Pup!

Overall, we had a great Easter!  Bob even hid an egg for me!  It was up high, and when I opened it, it had a fifty dollar bill in it!  What a little stinker of a husband I have! :)  The kids got books, clothes, and toys from the Easter bunny.  Or, as Bobby calls him, "the white rabbit at the mall."

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jbeatty said...

My boys roll in their underwear too, they love it. Nixon has that same underwear that Bobby is wearing, haha. You look so pretty. I'm glad ya'll had a Happy Easter. Jamie


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