Sunday, April 29, 2012

Evie is Four Months Old

Evie turned Four months old on March 29, 2012.

Weight:  14.9 lbs. (75%)
Length: 25 in. (80%)

Sleeping Patterns: We decided to sleep train Evie this month.  Life feels normal again, as we are all finally sleeping!  She goes to bed usually around 6:30, and will sleep till about 5am. We typically will feed her, and then put her back down.  She is a sleeper (just like her mommy); and will sleep in pretty late, if I let her.  She does still wake in the night, but will cry herself back to sleep in a few minutes.  She is still napping in her swing, and typically takes 2-3 naps per day.  One of those naps is usually "on the go."

Eating Habits:  Eats every 3-4 hours on average during the day.  Currently, she is taking 6 oz. at each feeding.  She will drink a bit more for her nighttime bottle.  

New discoveries:  Evie is doing great sitting up with support.  She can now play in her exersaucer, and is almost out of her Bumbo seat.  She tries to put everything in her mouth, but I've yet to see any signs of a tooth.  Her biggest discovery this month has been her feet.  She's always trying to suck on them!

Milestones:  Sleeping thru the night, and falling asleep on her own.  Discovering her feet.  Sitting up without too much support, and laughing a lot more.

Places Evie loves:  Her swing, bouncy seat, being held, Bumbo seat, activity mat, exersaucer, and stroller.  She also loves being outside.  We are enjoying our front porch a lot these days, with the warm weather.  We also finally got our double stroller (thanks, Mom!), and both kids are enjoying the neighborhood walks.

Special Friends:  Bobby, and Evie's cousins from Atlanta.

Current Events:  Mitt Romney appears to be the GOP's candidate for President, Secret Service scandal in Columbia, Treyvon Martin case, Baseball Opening Day, Hunger Games mania.

What We Did this Day:  Evie tagged along with mommy and daddy, as we met our attorney to finalize our will.  Bobby was at school.

Here's Bobby at four months:

And, here's his four month post.

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Shannon said...

Yay for sleeping through the night! She's a cutie, that's for sure! Glad y'all are doing well! XO


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