Monday, May 14, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

We spent our weekend at Logan Martin Lake, an hour's drive from our home.  It was a great weekend, and time well-spent with Bob's family.  Duke, Bob's dad, rented a lake house for some Momma Ross birthday celebrating and Mother's Day.  JoJo and Melissa also drove over from Atlanta to join in the festivities.

Daddy and Bobby floating around.

Winston, our former pool swimmer, swam too!

Winston swims to Bob and Bobby's float.

Evie naps in her carseat on the dock.

Guy Harvey joins us at the lake.  

Mud Pie outfits are SO cute!  Thanks Mom!

Winston swims after Duke!

Bobby is not wanting his picture taken.

Grandma JoJo and Evie.

Laid-back Lovebirds.

Bobby's face cracks me up!

My little guy snuggling with me, after his swim.

I took up a childhood hobby for the weekend.
Overall, we had a great weekend.  Bob and I hoped to relax more, but it really didn't pan out.  I told him that a vacation with kids, is no vacation.  We'll just have to have a kid-free one sometime later this year. We finished off the weekend with a Mother's Day dinner at a local catfish restaurant.  Bobby made me a gift at school (a picture frame), and Bob gave me a gift card to the spa, at the hotel in our 'hood.

Truly blessed! 

P.S.  I experimented with the Instagram app all weekend.  I love the old-fashioned "look" to some of the pictures.  Please follow me at jsl9004 on Instagram. :)

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