Sunday, August 2, 2009

3 Months Old

Bobby turned Three months old on July 30, 2009.

Weight: 12.2 lbs.
Sleeping Patterns: Another month has gone by, and he's not quite sleeping through the night yet. But, I do have to remember that he is only 8 weeks old, if you go by his due date. Anyhow, the longest stretch for him has been 7 hours between feedings at night. This was done within the past week. Otherwise, we are normally going at least 5 hours, and then another 4. His bedtime routine now starts around 8pm. He gets very cranky around 7pm each night. His napping schedule is getting better too. He usually takes a long nap (1-3 hours) in his crib each day, as well as several catnaps.
Eating Habits: He is starting to drink 5 oz. per feeding on a regular basis, sometimes more, sometimes less. He usually eats 6-7 times per day. We are now on breast milk and formula. He is drinking Similac Sensitive, due to his tummy issues.
New discoveries & Accomplishments: Within the past few days, he has finally really taken to his swing! He usually takes about a 45 minute nap in the swing each morning. I had almost given up on it. He is always smiling, and is in the best moods in the mornings, and after each feeding. He has just recently discovered his hands, and he is starting to suck on them. He loves his Activity mat. He is talking a lot more too. He is focusing much better on objects and has started to follow them. He is almost able to fully support his head. I tried him in the Bumbo seat the other day for the first time. He liked it for a few minutes, but I did not let him sit too long. He is not quite ready for it.
Places you love: The swing, finally! Bobby also likes his bouncy seat. He also loves to just lie on his back and look around, or play with mommy and daddy. He is, however, becoming more fussy in his car seat. But, he usually calms down after a few moments. Mommy and Daddy take him for runs now a couple of nights a week together. We call them Family runs. Winston always comes too.
Special Friends: This past month, Bobby met Ava Claire Anderson, Hayes Hardy, and Kayla at the pool for the first time. He still adores his other friends Harper and Drew. Winston is also becoming more and more protective of Bobby. As soon as Bobby wakes for the morning, or from a nap, Winston is always the first one to his room.
Current Events: The President is trying to pass his version of health care reform. There is a large uproar as to whether or not this is another step in the direction of becoming a Socialist nation. Football season starts in just over a month! The Tour de France ended with Lance Armstrong (Daddy's hero) taking 3rd place.
What We did This Day: It was rainy most of the day, so we stayed in. Mommy took Bobby and Winston for a car ride, and went through the drive-thru at Starbuck's. Daddy had to work.


mom said...

He is so cute! and getting so big! I'm glad that you are now into a routine and that he likes the swing....can't wait to see him. Love mom.

Kendalls said...

bobby is getting so big! love reading these updates!

Jamie said...

such a cutie. he's really filling out and looking so alert!


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