Tuesday, August 18, 2009

April 29, 2009

I really have wanted to document the day leading up to Bobby's delivery... more for our family's memory and records. This day was about as chaotic as they come, and it inevitably led to the birth of our beautiful son.

Starting at 32 weeks, I was to have a Contraction Stress Test done weekly until delivery. During my 33 week appointment, my test results came back as "suspicious." After returning the next day for another test, everything looked great. This was a good sign for us, because we were leaving that weekend for a short, cross-country trip to Seattle, WA. My doctor advised me that I could travel by plane, until I was 35 weeks pregnant.

We returned home from Seattle late Monday night. I didn't bother to unpack, and we had no food in our house. On Tuesday, being 8 months pregnant, and jet-lagged, I decided to rest all day. I was a big couch potato. I had decided that I would get the house back in order, and grocery shop on Wednesday, after my doctor's appointment. On Wednesday morning, I made my grocery list, and took my time getting ready. The house was a mess, dishes were piled up in the sink, we had no food, and I still hadn't unpacked from our trip. But, I headed out the door around noon for my doctor's appointment anyways. I figured I'd just take care of it all after the appointment. Little did I know, that I wouldn't return for six days!

Oh, and did I mention that I had ran out the door without my cell phone?

Once I got to the hospital, I was ready for the testing to begin. As it progressed, the nurse kept making comments about Bobby's heart rate dropping. Because of this, the test took longer than normal, as she wanted to make sure the results were actually valid. I started to get nervous, but was also thinking that everything would ultimately be fine. She told me that she was going to call Dr. Brown, so he could pull up the results on his computer. After waiting around for a few more minutes, she came back and told me that we needed to go to Labor & Delivery. I promptly asked to use the phone, so I could call Bob. I knew he would be at lunch, so I called his cell phone. I got his voicemail, and left a message. I then called the receptionist at his office, leaving her a detailed message of what was going on. Unfortunately, I didn't have a return number for him to call back with, because I had left my phone at home. All I could think was, "how could I have left my phone at home?!?"

Because I was being checked into the hospital at this point, the nurse wheeled me over to Labor & Delivery in a wheelchair. I still thought to myself, that I'd be outta there soon enough, and on my way home. The nurse brought me to an empty room, and gave me a gown to change into. At this point, I started thinking, "maybe I won't be going home?!?" Somehow, Bob was able to track me down in the hospital by phone, and we finally talked. I hadn't spoken to my doctor yet, so I was still hopeful of leaving later that afternoon. Bob asked if he needed to leave work, and I told him no.

After sitting around for an hour or so in bed, and listening to Bobby's heartbeat on the fetal monitor, I finally heard from my doctor. He called my room, and explained what was happening. He then proceeded to tell me that he would be taking the baby tomorrow morning, via c-section. "Oh my gosh!," I thought. I could not believe what was happening. I called Bob right away and told him the news. He was freaking out too, and left work immediately to come to the hospital. While on his way, he called his parents, and mine. His mom was in Atlanta at the time, and rushed back home to Peachtree City to start packing. I would later see his parents that night around 8pm or so.

Meanwhile, as I was waiting for Bob to get to the hospital, I started to cry. I cried mostly over the fact that I knew my poor sweet baby would have to stay in the NICU. I knew he was going to be a preemie, and it broke my heart. I knew that I would not be able to take him home upon my discharge from the hospital either. I cried because we weren't prepared for him yet. His nursery was not done, and we didn't have all the supplies we needed. I hadn't so much as bought a nursing bra for myself either. Our plan was to be in "baby mode" after our trip. We thought we had 6 more weeks to prepare. I cried because I didn't even have a bag packed for myself, nor the baby. I cried because my house was in shambles too. I had a big, fat pity party for myself. But, then I got over it. After I let my emotions settle and sink in, I started to get excited. I was finally going to meet my sweet baby boy tomorrow - April 30th, 2009!

Bob arrived at the hospital fairly quickly, and we talked over the day's events. The doctor came and spoke to us, and put our minds at ease. I then made him a list of items to bring from home for me, and off he went. While he was gone, I started calling family and close friends to let them know the news.

By the time Bob came back, it was almost 9pm. He arrived with my items, some dinner, and his parents. He also brought his things, as he would also be spending the next five nights with me in the hospital. I was given a steroid shot for Bobby's lungs, and an Ambien. I had asked for something to help me sleep, as I knew I'd be too nervous to sleep well.

I slept pretty well that night... knowing full well that my life would change at 8:22 am, on Thursday, April 30th, 2009. My sweet baby boy made his entrance into the world, and our lives have been forever changed for the better. I guess April 29, 2009 wasn't such a crazy day after all!


The Wilder Family said...

Wow...I have chills and tears in my eyes. I know it was not as planned, but as we both are figuring out - you can't really plan too much these days! My delivery was not "as planned" either, but we both now have beautiful baby boys and have fulfilled our destiny as women by becoming mothers!

Stacy Holmes, Realtor® said...

Such a great story! It's amazing how God's plans always work out!! :)

Kendalls said...

Thank you for sharing your story:) I had tears also. You guys did great with a difficult situation! Thank goodness for family!

Collier Chronicles said...

I think God definitely works in mysterious ways.
That girl who answered was me. I tried my damnest to track down Bob, tell him to be sure we all have his cell on the phone list.
I went through the same tests and tried to reassure him it would be okay.
Little did I know, God had different plans for you guys.
I hate it when He does that sometimes! ;)


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