Thursday, August 20, 2009


This is a question for all the mom's out there:

Do you, or did you, let your baby watch TV? I'm not talking about cartoons or the Baby Einstein videos. We are not quite ready for that yet. I'm talking about letting him/her see the TV if it is on. Here's my deal... during the day, I will feed Bobby in the living room on the couch while watching TV. Not always, but a lot of the time he will watch it. It kind of freaks me out a bit, because I am so paranoid about the whole autism thing, and what-not. Sometimes I feel like it is inevitable, and if it is on, he will watch. I've noticed it more and more, and will shut it off. But, I'll's not very often. And, oftentimes, later in the afternoon, we have started to snuggle on the couch, while I catch up on TV.

Is this bad!?!?


The Wilder Family said...

Yeah, I am not sure about this one either. At this point, I try to keep Drew distracted during awake time with his toys/music instead of the t.v. Also, I position him so it is really difficult to see......but if he does look a little bit I hope it is ok! At least we aren't parking our children in front of the t.v. like many parents do!

Kendalls said...

I think it is just fine. The most important is that you are already aware of it and will continue to monitor. By all means, do what makes you comfortable, but he's just "tuning in" to his environment. I noticed this week that while I was making dinner (and had Thomas the Train on for Wes) that Hailey was watching from her bouncy seat. We definitely limit Wes' TV time to no more than 1 video a day (often the tv isn't even turned on). You may notice that as Bobby gets more active that he won't even notice it...or that you don't have time to even turn it on! Also, if your brain is anything like mine, you will try to watch something with him in the room and not even be able to follow it!

Collier Chronicles said...

Girl, let me let you in on our secret.
As an infant, we could not rock Ethan to sleep. He just did not like it. What we did? Put him in his bouncy in front of the TV & watched our shows as normal. He would drift to dreamland.
Now? We have the TV on in the background with whatever we want to watch and he plays with his toys and has a grand time. He rarely pays attention to it. Matter of fact, the only time he does is when it is on his stations, Noggin and Disney.
I would not stress out over it, seriously.
You have to do what you think is right for your child.

However, I never read a book on parenting or any methods out there. We just winged it and continue to wing it. So far we have a wonderful child who loves to play, knows what a dog is and makes the doggy sounds and likes to "read" his books.

Now, email me about TV and autism. I am fascinated with autism for some reason.


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