Monday, August 17, 2009

Bobby's First Group Playdate

On Friday afternoon, Bobby and I went to his very first group, baby play date. My running buddy Liz, and her son Henry hosted this fun event. There were six mommies and babies total. It was a great opportunity for the mom's to get some much needed girl talk time, as well as compare notes about the babies. All of the babies there were six months or younger. And, the best part... wine was served! :-)

Here are some pictures to document this fun afternoon.

Ginger and Harper (5 months old).

Liz, our host, and Henry (4 months old).

Bobby and I. He was squirming!

Henry and Bobby "talking" to each other! It was the sweetest thing ever. Lauryn's in the background hanging out.

Bobby and Harper. Do I see a love affair blooming here?

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mom said...

such a cute idea!


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