Monday, August 17, 2009

Pool Time with the Wilder's!

Bob and I hung out with Bart, Amy, and Drew this past Saturday. We first headed to the pool, late in the afternoon, and then headed back to our house for some dinner. We had a lot of fun, and it was so nice at the pool during that part of the day. It cooled down a bit (as much as it can for August), and the pool emptied out little by little. Next time, we are going to bring our dinner to the pool, so we can enjoy it until dusk. As always, we had a blast with the Wilder family. We have become very close to them since our boys were born. I definitely consider Amy to be "my Amy," (insert inside joke here).

Here are some pictures from the fun afternoon!

Munchkin and Daddy.

Drew and Bobby after swimming.

Bobby and Drew. Don't they look like twins?!?!

Da Boyz.

Hot mommas!


The Wilder Family said...

My Jen~
It is crazy how much they DO look alike in the pool! We had a blast and look forward to many more fun times together.

mom said...

he is getting so big, dad thinks he will probably be a swimmer-


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