Sunday, August 2, 2009

Oh Technology!

On Wednesday night, we had a bad thunderstorm. It was 11:30pm, and I awoke (screaming, I might add) to the loudest clap of thunder I have ever heard in my life. Well, come to find out, our neighbor's house was struck by lightening. Somehow, as a result, the cable box on the outside was frayed. We had no cable or internet. The cable was fixed on Friday morning. We finally were able to get online yesterday, but our wireless router was also blown in all of this. So, I am connected, instead of going wireless, and it is no fun.

Anyhow, what did people do before cable and internet?!?!

I'm only kidding, but it is certainly a luxury that has become a slight addiction in today's society. Wouldn't you agree?

Being a stay-at-home mom was not fun without any TV for an entire day. I do not, by any means sit in front of the TV and watch it all day. But, it's nice for background noise, especially when the only communicating you get is coo's (which, of course, I love!) Plus, I do try and watch 1 or 2 of my DVR reality chic-flick shows that Bob hates.

Anyhow, no point to this post, other than to let you know that I am back, and will finally try to get caught up!


Kelly Becker said...

I know how you feel....Massey who put down new sod in our yard on Wednesday, conveniently cut our line to cable,phone and internet. Madelyn has a double ear infection and was home with my mom on Thursday without cable. Cable was not set up again for us until Friday. We had 3 recorded shows (Mickey and 2 others) from Tuesday, so fortunately (or unfortunately) she had to watch those over and over again. As you said, what did we do before cable!!! Ouch!

Meg said...

I remember not having cable back before the internet for a few days. it was the worst. The house was so quiet!
Glad you are back up.


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