Monday, August 17, 2009

Baby Blues

Will he, or won't he?

Bob and I both have brown eyes. In my family, everyone has brown eyes (brothers, sisters, mom, nieces, nephews), except my dad. He's got blue eyes. In Bob's family, it's 50/50, with his dad having blue eyes. There is only a 25% chance that Bobby will have blue eyes. When he was first born, they were more of a gray/slate color. Now, they seem to be more blue. But, I know they could still change to brown. I am conflicted on what to think. Some days I think they will stay blue. And, other days, I think I see specks of brown in them. If he does end up with blue eyes, our recessive genes are the winners!

How long did it take your baby's eyes to change?


mom said...

I have no idea since my only choice was brown eyes- I hope his stay blue!

Whitney said...

Hayes' are still blue... but his will stay because Justin and I both have blue eyes.

aunt kathy said...

thats so weird bc on my way home tonight i was thinking about his eye

Jessica said...

My sister (a pediatrician) said that they don't ever get lighter so if they are a bright blue still they will probably stay that way. Oh and 9 months is about the time they would have changed if they were going to.

Both my boys have blue eyes. Mine are blue and Kevin's are hazel.

Joye Ross said...

He's so beautiful, Jen.

Collier Chronicles said...

Both Matt and I have hazel eyes. Ethan has blue eyes and I think will stay there.
The only people in my family with blue eyes is my granddaddy and cousin. Both are great inspirations to me as Christian leaders so it makes me happy to has their traits.


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