Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Fun, fun, and more fun..., Honeymoon - Day 4

The fourth day of our honeymoon, Thursday, was a lot of fun! We decided to go on the Spring Bay Picnic. The resort had set up umbrellas, and a picnic on a nearby beach. But, it wasn't just any picnic...they were BBQ'ing, and they had a portable bar on the beach! This bay was literally right next to The Baths, so we were surrounded by these huge rocks! Bob was climbing up high on them, and I was a little tense over it. The snorkeling was great here though. We were snorkeling through the rocks, and the underwater scenery was beautiful (much better than our tour the day before). We made some new friends too while on the picnic. The best part of the picnic was the limbo contest. Yes, I said limbo contest. I won the limbo contest too! My prize was a bottle of champagne. We shared the bottle with everyone else on the picnic!

After the picnic, the fun really began! We headed back to the resort, via boat. It was at this time that every friend we had made on the trip came together. We all had those awesome blue rafts, and headed out into the water. Not only did we have the blue rafts, but we also had our fair share of alcohol. Jimmy, an employee of Little Dix was our best friend for a few hours! We had him working and earning his paycheck. Jimmy walked up and down the beach so many times, getting our drink orders. Anyhow, I think that afternoon was one of my favorites. Needless to say, I barely made it to dinner that night...

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Jamie said...

such an incredible honeymoon! the water looks so pretty.


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