Friday, December 21, 2007

Our Last Day - Honeymoon, Day 6

The sixth day of our honeymoon was basically our last, as we had to leave the next afternoon. We were pretty bummed over this, but I think, at this point, ready to return home. I mean... we had our labradoodle awaiting us! We decided to spend our last day with the vanBlaricoms. They were our best friends during the honeymoon, and we still speak to them pretty regularly. We are hoping for a visit from them next year.

The four of us spent the afternoon on a nearby deserted island called Dog Island. It was appropriate because we are all dog people. The resort packed us these great picnic baskets, and umbrellas. We were dropped off by boat, only to be picked up a few hours later. The snorkeling here was beautiful. I couldn't believe all the coral and fish we saw. We had a great time, and definitely enjoyed our company. The waters were a bit rough for me, but Bob and Dave ate it up! Oh, and my bathing suit top broke. I guess that's what I get for wearing a Target bathing suit the whole week.

After our day adventure, Bob and headed back to the beach for some alone time. We napped, we drank, read, and we used those comfy blue rafts for the water. It was nice, and the reality of our honeymoon ending started to sink in for us. That night, we had our dinner on the beach to celebrate the closing of our trip.

The dinner was emotional for me. I cried, because it was the last night of our honeymoon. I mean, our honeymoon!!! When will we ever have a honeymoon again? But, I didn't let that spoil our meal. If anything, the meal was probably our most memorable for us.

Our table was set up on the beach, just a few feet from our room. It was decorated beautifully. We also had our own personal server. We had a full course meal, with a bottle of wine. The food was delicious, and we had a wonderful time. It was so romantic, and the moon was bright too. We couldn't have asked for a more peaceful night.

And, we couldn't have asked for a better way to spend our last night on our honeymoon...

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