Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Our day of adventure - Honeymoon, Day 3

Our third day in Virgin Gorda was full of activity! We started the day by going on a hike. We hiked over to the bay that was adjacent to Little Dix Bay. The hike was three miles, but it seemed a lot longer. We were essentially hiking on a side of a cliff, so it was pretty treacherous and tiring. While on the hike, we saw all sorts of wildlife. We saw deer on the hike, and they were absolutely adorable! We saw a fawn with three of her little babies. She was even feeding them; it was so sweet! We also saw a lot of salamanders. If you don't know what those are, they are these enormously huge, slimy, disgusting lizards. I despise these creatures!

After our hike, we were off to Spanish Town, with our new friends. The resort did not include alcohol in the meal plan. So, with that being said, we all headed to the liquor store. Plus, as I mentioned in a previous post, we had our ice buckets filled 2-3 times daily. We bought some liquor, Bloody Mary Mix (for me, it is my most favorite drink!), and some beer. Unfortunately, (or, maybe not?) we did not even finish half of what we had bought.

After our trip, it was time for our guided snorkel tour. We joined Dave & Totty, and Susan & Jeremiah to our next adventure. We took 2 boats out into the ocean, not far from the shore. We were literally dropped off in the sea, left to fend for ourselves. Just wasn't that dramatic. But, it wasn't my favorite snorkeling experience either. Actually, it was the least fun out of the few. The water was a bit rough, and my mask kept fogging up! Nonetheless, it was an experience, and for that, I'm grateful. Plus, we did get some really cool pictures (thanks Bob Sr.!)

After our snorkel tour, we headed back to our room for a quick shower. Our next endeavor was the Sunset Cocktail Cruise! This was one of the top 3 things that I wanted to do on our honeymoon. The other two was a trip to the spa, and a dinner on the beach. Boy, I was spoiled during this trip! The Sunset Cruise was a lot of fun, and we were able to take one of my most favorite pictures of us during this excursion. The Sunset Cruise is where we also met all of our other friends.

After the cruise, we went to the Sugar Mill for dinner with our new friends. We had a great day, and ended the night with some wonderful food, and more importantly, people!


Shannon said...

that looks like it was a blast! i love that you love our dogs! they are the best... how are you?

Shannon said...

ps i do remember bailey....i am sorry, he lived a good life w/ a good family...


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