Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Oooh la la - Honeymoon, Day 5

The fifth day of our honeymoon - Friday, was a relaxing, yet full day. We spent half of our day at the Spa at Little Dix Bay. This experience was expensive, but so worth it. We arrived at the spa after breakfast. The spa was beautiful, located atop a hill in the resort. We were given some beverages, and then escorted to the pool at the spa. This pool was amazing! It was an infinity pool. After lounging for a few moments, I was escorted to the Women's Locker Room, and Bob, the Men's. We changed out of our clothes, and into some robes.

We were then taken to our private villa for the afternoon. This villa had two rooms, one of which was a bathroom. The bathroom was up to par, just like our own bathroom in our room. In the main room, there were two massage tables for us. The first part of our treatment was a body exfoliation. After that, the therapists left us alone to smother mud all over ourselves. Yes, that's right...we stood in the room butt-naked and covered each other in mud! After we got situated back on the beds, the therapists returned. We were then given a body wrap, with an amazing massage above the neck. Our villa had a beautiful, huge outdoor shower, and we headed out there to rinse. After the wrap, we were spoiled with a 90 minute massage.

Then, came lunch. We had a delicious healthy lunch, with some yummy smoothies. We also enjoyed the private hot tub. Overall, we couldn't have asked for a more private, relaxing, and enjoyable afternoon.

After our spa experience, we headed back to Spanish Town with our friends. We were in the market for some souvenirs. We didn't have much luck, but did find a few nice ones. We found this beautiful map of Virgin Gorda and the surrounding islands. Bob and I had it professionally framed, and it is now hanging in our bedroom. It is beautiful! While in Spanish Town, we decided to have some Caribe beer with our friends. Bob and I are lucky, because they sell this Caribbean beer in Florida. We can enjoy it year-round!

Later that night, we actually left the resort for dinner. I'm really annoyed because I cannot remember the name of the restaurant we ate at. It was in a stunning location though. You had views of both the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic ocean. The restaurant sat on top of a mountain. The food was good too, although mine was a bit spicy! After dinner, we all headed back to the resort, and went outside for an impromptu cocktail hour on the beach. It was a lot of fun, and we all had so much alcohol that needed to be used!

Just like the rest of the trip, this day was just as spectacular!

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