Monday, December 8, 2008

Our 1 Year Anniversary

We spent our first anniversary at the infamous Grove Park Inn in Asheville. We actually celebrated our dinner on the 14th, because we were tired from sightseeing all day on the 13th. We did however, enjoy our top layer of the wedding cake on the 13th!

Here is the view we had from our table at dinner. Notice the hot-air balloon.

The four of us at dinner...the steaks were amazing! I, of course, was stuck drinking water, just being newly pregnant here.

Bob and I, with the beautiful view behind us.

Eating our top layer of our wedding cake, which, was actually pretty good!

The cake. This cake traveled with us from Orlando to Birmingham, and then from Birmingham to Asheville. Thankfully, my mom did an amazing job of saran wrapping it! The three apples on top were long gone.

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Jamie said...

cute pictures and congratulations again on your 1 year anniversary!


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