Monday, December 29, 2008


I may sound like a big, fat Grinch by saying this, but I am so happy the holidays are done with!  As soon as I get my Christmas cards out today (ok, ok...maybe they are New Year's cards) I can wipe my hands of everything.  We only have a few decorations up, so taking them down will be quite easy.

I think this year has just been a lot more stressful than most, in regards to Christmas.  With moving and being pregnant, I waited for the last minute to do just about everything, and that just caused me to be stressed.

So, Good Riddance Christmas 2008, Hello 2009!


Kelly said...

I hate to tell you Jen, but it will not get any better. Wait till next year when you have a little LeeLo running around and she will be wanting to pull everything off the tree, won't want the gifts you bought but rather a cardboard box to play with, etc, etc. You will actually be too tired to want to put up a tree or any other decorations for that matter. It is a blast!!!! Yippie!!!

Suz said...

I have to agree. This year alone three ornaments were broken, the tree fell over twice, Beau got a virus, Linnea the flu and I had a cold twice - cards went out late, one gift was forgotten and 1 box lost in the mail. It was awesome though and I wouldn't change it for the world:) It's more special every year as your family grows!


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