Tuesday, December 30, 2008

17 Weeks Doctor Appointment

I had my 17 week doctor's appointment today. It went well, as usual. I had been experiencing a lot of round ligament (lower abdomen) pain the past week or so, and had been taking it very easy. I finally started feeling better this past Saturday. Anyhow, this is all normal, especially at this point in the pregnancy when things are really starting to grow and expand. I feel like I wake up each day bigger and bigger. I am at the fun point now though. It looks as if I'm pregnant (not so much fat anymore), but I'm not too big at all. I am wearing maternity pants now, and love them! My mom got me an awesome pair of jeans from Gap Maternity for Christmas. Anyhow, I know this won't last long...and I'll be looking like a beached whale soon enough.

So, back to my appointment. Bob was able to go with me because he is off this week from work (yay!). The heartbeat was at 147, which means we're basically right in the middle. No wives tale tricks for me here. I've gained 8 lbs. total, so I'm pretty happy. And, of course, hearing the heart beating was the highlight of the visit.

P.S. We find out the sex of the baby January 14th!!!!! Ahhhh!!! I CANNOT WAIT! :-)

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Jamie said...

I love the pregnancy update! 147... maybe it's a boy:)
I'm glad you are feeling better and the ligament pain is subsiding. Maternity jeans are a Heaven sent, I don't know how people say they go a whole pregnancy without wearing maternity jeans/pants. Glad you are doing well. Can't wait to find out the sex of the babe in TWO more weeks.


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