Saturday, October 10, 2009

Blog Break

Well, we had a little blog break this past week. It has not been all roses in the Ross household. Poor Bobby has had cold symptoms off and on since our trip to Gulf Shores. I started feeling badly on Monday, and then had a slight fever Thursday and Friday. I am still under the weather today, but feel like I am on the backside of this cold. I hope this is the only time our family gets sick this season. It is so hard being a mom, when you are not feeling well. Thankfully Bob was able to come home from work early on Friday to take over baby duties.

We were supposed to have a fun-filled weekend too! Bummer.

So, mom's out there, I have yet another question. Are you vaccinating your kids/babies with the swine flu vaccine?


Sarah Miles said...

no flu vaccine it did the opposite for us last year and gave us the flu so never again

Jamie said...

i got one so did tys for the first time. just the regular flu vaccine. the swine flu is to new and risky for me to want to get it for me or my kids. not planning on getting the baby a flu vaccine, i still have a mth before i can give him one. what are you thinking?

Collier Chronicles said...

Our problem is that our ped ran out of the vaccination for Ethan and they are not sure if they are receving it. The only place that may have some and could help us is the Health Department and I do not want to stand in THAT line.

Matt isn't worried about it. He says it is no big deal. I guess it really isn't if you think about it but... I don't know.


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