Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Eleven Months Old

Bobby turned Eleven months old on March 30, 2010.

"Hey Bobby! Look at momma, it's time for your monthly picture!"

"It's too bright mommy, I need some shade!"

Darn his cute baby blues... they are beautiful!

...Had to include his pitiful pout!

Weight: 22 lbs.

Sleeping Patterns: Bobby is sleeping on average, 12 hours most nights; sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. He is getting very close to dropping his afternoon nap, and transitioning to one nap. I am waiting until we get back from our beach trip in May to start the transition. Until then, his nap schedule will continue to be pretty inconsistent. He does though, at least get one good nap per day, lasting at least 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Eating Habits: As of last week, Bobby is finally doing some self-feeding. I was a bit concerned at first, but decided I wouldn't worry too much, until his first birthday. Fortunately, he's finally interested in eating with his hands. I can't believe it took him almost 11 months! :) I am feeding him now just 1-2 meals of baby food, and experimenting with a lot of table food. By his first birthday, we'll be completely done with the baby food, and formula! Our checkbook will thank us! :) He still has 4 bottles a day too, with 7-8.5 oz. each.

New discoveries & Accomplishments: Bobby is for sure speeding towards toddler hood. He is very talkative, especially at home. He is definitely saying a lot more sounds these days too. I taught him "gimme five" last week, and he's pretty good at it! I am trying to teach him body parts now. I can really tell that he is starting to understand a lot of what I am saying. He will respond to a lot of my commands (wow... I am making him sound like a dog! Ha!), and will look at whatever I am talking about or referring to. Bobby is cruising everywhere! The child crawls extremely fast, and will walk alongside anything and everything. He uses everything as a walker: chairs, tables, exersaucers, toys, his jumparoo.. everything! He is very perceptive of household sounds too. For instance, the second he hears me open the dishwasher, he crawls over to it. He is the same way with the washing machine. He is always trying to get into everything! He also really enjoys standing up against windows, doors, and mirrors. Bob and I both were walking at or around our first birthdays, so we are assuming he may too. Bobby is now wearing 12 months in most of his clothes. He still has 3 teeth - 2 bottom, and 1 top. He has another 1 or 2 about to break through the gum.

Places you love: Playing with the letter magnets on the fridge, cruising around the house, the park, playground, swing, Kindermusik, wagon rides, and jogs in the stroller. He loves to crawl to Winston and pet him too.

Special Friends: Kindermusik, park, and playgroup friends - also, the little baby across the street Cooper!

Current Events: March Madness, Obama's Health care Reform Act has passed, warm weather has arrived.

What We did This Day: Hung out in the backyard, and house. Ran a couple of quick errands, and then went for a run in the stroller.

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Shannon said...

They have a way of growing too quickly, don't they? Happy 11 months, to your lil' one! He's sooo adorable!

Waiting said...

He just gets cuter and cuter every month! I can't believe he is almost a year.

The McCrystals said...

He is a doll. Seriously - he's too adorable.

I love how I can come back to your blog and compare "notes" on Bryn's monthly milestones :)

Linz Adams said...

Wow, it just blows my mind that he is almost a year old! He is so darn cute!


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