Monday, March 1, 2010

Sunday Savings

Happy Monday y'all!

Well, I was in the process of working on this post last night - when Bob hijacked my laptop to do our taxes. I can't complain though. They are done, and we are getting a nice refund! Whew!

So, onto this week's tip -

Tip of the Week:
Subscribe to your local paper.

The best resource by far for obtaining your coupons is the Sunday newspaper. If you're like most people these days, you probably receive a majority of your news online or TV. The newspaper is becoming obsolete. However, the Sunday paper is essential in your journey to saving money. Because of this, you will most likely be able to receive a special rate or discount when ordering your paper. Check to see if you can only subscribe to receive the Sunday edition. In some cases, you may be able to. We receive The Birmingham News twice a week, on Wednesdays and Sundays. And, our rate is $26 for 26 weeks. We are saving 50% off the news stand price for just the Sunday paper alone!

Now, you may try to just buy the paper each Sunday. I tried that too. It.Did.Not.Work. Don't bother. You'll forget, and before you know it - your coupon stockpile will diminish over time. Plus, you'll be spending more money. Aren't we trying to save?

Also, there are plenty of other printable resources to receive coupons. There are always coupons in the magazines I subscribe to - Southern Living and Parents Magazine, for example. Be on the lookout!

Lastly, the Sunday newspaper will have fliers for most stores in your area. There are certain items that we NEED to buy, like Bobby's formula. And, coupons for his formula are hard to come by sometimes. But, chances are, there is always a sale to be found somewhere. For example, this week, CVS has his formula on sale for $21.99. If you are looking for a particular item - make sure to check the fliers of stores you may not usually shop.

Ok, to recap -
Step 1: Seek out support or help to get started.
Step 2: Subscribe to your local paper.

Next week, we'll talk about getting your coupons organized!

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