Friday, March 12, 2010

Ten Months Old

Bobby turned Ten months old on February 28, 2010.
(really, I'm not sure what to write, as he was born on the 30th...)

"Look momma! My top tooth is finally here!"

My cop-out way of getting him to "pose" this month for his picture.

Because... well, this is all he does these days. He's quite the explorer.

"Mom, quit taking my picture... I've discovered where we keep all our baking dishes!"

Weight: 21.6 lbs.

Sleeping Patterns: We haven't had too much change in Bobby's sleeping patterns. We had a couple weeks of a bad nap spell (my pediatrician's term for bad naps), and I thought we were on our way to transitioning to one nap. But, alas, he's still doing great with 2 naps. His wake-up times have been all over the place though. For example, in just this week alone, he woke up one day as early as 5:15 am. And, now this morning, he's still asleep, and it's 7:30 am!

Eating Habits: We are still having four bottles/day of formula, usually between 6-8 oz. Bobby is also eating Stage 3 jars of baby food, 3 times a day. During these meals, I am trying to incorporate other table foods. He really is not interested yet in eating table foods! He's getting better with the sippy cup though.

New discoveries & Accomplishments: Bobby is so curious about everything. I suppose it is just the boy in him. He is into everything, and follows me everywhere. He is such a chatterbox as well. His main word or sound is still "momma." He is saying lots of other sounds as well - b and n sounds mostly. He is such a great baby, socially. In Kindermusik and play group, people always mention how laid-back, and easy-going he is. He plays great with others, and alone. Bobby walks all the time alongside the furniture and cabinets. He won't walk though, if someone is holding onto his hands. It's kind of funny! He has just started dancing too with music. He stands and moves his legs up and down, and just smiles and giggles away. As much as my days are spent chasing him around, and saying "no," I really do love this stage! He is really starting to transition into toddlerhood! Bobby is still wearing 9-12 months clothes, but will soon be out of 9 months all together. He is in size 4 diapers. He has 3 teeth: 1 top, and 2 bottom.

Places you love: Opening and closing doors, drawers, and cabinets anywhere - Kindermusik, play group, the park (swinging), wagon rides, and riding in the shopping carts like a big boy, up front! Bobby is also finally sitting still as I read to him in the glider. He doesn't mind me snuggling with him too much these days either.

Special Friends: Aside from our normal friends, Bobby has also gotten to spend a lot of time with Luke Harris, Olivia Elrod, and Christian Segar. They are in our play group, along with Cameron and Harper. We also see lots of other friends at the park!

Current Events: Oscars - The Hurt Locker wins best movie, while Sandra Bullock wins for Best Actress. President Obama is still trying to pass his form of health care. The US has been slammed with winter weather. 2010 Winter Olympics were held in Vancouver. Toyota recalls cars due to faulty brakes.


mom said...

Nice blog jen and I love all the info and of course the pictures are great!!!!

The McCrystals said...

He's totally transitioning into todllerhood. He's turning into such a little boy! That outfit is freakin awesome! So adorable, as always!

And, is he walking????????????!!!!!


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