Sunday, June 6, 2010

Brushing Teeth, Mohawks, and Afro's?

As is, in probably most households, bath time with Daddy is always more fun! Last week, Bob called me from Bobby's bathroom to come upstairs with the camera. He had created some very distinguishing bath-do's for Bobby!

And, that same night, Bobby had his first taste of brushing his teeth at the sink, with a big boy toothbrush. Until now, we had always used a finger brush, in the tub, to scrub his 6 teeth. I may be jumping the gun, but we now brush his teeth at the sink, starting the habit early on. He seemed to like the real toothbrush better than the finger brush.

"Mom, this is SO embarrassing! Stop taking my picture."

Scrub, scrub, scrub... brush, brush, brush...

Good job Bobby!

Punk Baby!

Coming soon to an arena near you!

Ice Cube?

George Washington?

Maybe a little bit of Richard Simmons?

Howard Stern? Nah....

Nope! It's just Bobby w/ a Bath-fro Afro!



Tracey said...

Go Bobby! What a big boy!! Jack screams bloody murder when I brush his teeth. :)

Jamie said...

very cute!


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