Saturday, June 12, 2010

First Steps

(For our records...)

Today, Bobby took a couple of steps for the first time, all by himself! He has been pretty comfortable cruising the furniture and walls for awhile. He certainly may have made these few steps accidentally, instead of intentionally. But nonetheless, they happened! I'm sure he'll cruise for awhile longer, as I'm not too sure if he's ready to embark on walking quite yet. All in his own time...

Either way, we've got to have the Flip camera ready! :)



Shannon said...

Yay Bobby! Won't be long before you're running with your momma! Big day in the Ross household!

The McCrystals said...

Awe! I want video!!!!

Bryn is going to love him. LOOOOOVE him!

When are you guys getting here and how long are you staying again?


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