Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Good... the bad... THE UGLY...

The Good: I absolutely love my new blog design.

the bad: I haven't had much time to update it.

THE UGLY: Who am I kidding? I have no motivation.

The Good: We don't pay for anything on credit.

the bad: My house is utterly bare, and undecorated.

THE UGLY: We've lived in it for 2 years.

The Good: We bought a used (one time) P90x for $50.00!!!

the bad: My whole body is sore.

THE UGLY: The pull-up bar damaged our door jamb.

The Good: Going for a run later today.

the bad: With the stroller.

THE UGLY: I am more likely to walk hills, because of said stroller.

The Good: Our 'hood was just awarded "America's Best Community."

the bad: Our HOA fees increased this year.

THE UGLY: Having to pay the fee in January... right after Christmas. Sheesh.

Want to play along with The Good...the bad...THE UGLY?

Head on over to I.M.T.L.Y and {analyze this} to grab their button!



Shannon said...

Fun list, Jen! Sorry about the HOA, but at least you live in a wonderful community! Yay for your new blog design...hehe!

Jumping Jack said...

dang it! I forgot about this today. HOA fees are no fun, but they are worth it to keep the neighborhood nice.

Have fun running!

Waiting said...

That sucks about the HOA. I personally hate HOAs because they are usually run by morons and have the stupidest, most petty rules ever that have nothing to do with property values, but at least yours is keeping your community #1 in the country.

Enjoy your run!!

Love the new design!

Gina Harris said...

ha! you crack me up. Agree with the dang assoc fees! they should be due in June. Not that there is a good time to fork out $700 dollars! agh!

Collier Chronicles said...

Just be glad you have an association fee, which means you have a home.

So- challenge? Ross vs. Collier?
We are both doing P90X Lean- started Monday. I was thinking we could have a friendly competition and who ever loses buys margaritas for the others? :)

Ashley said...

Ha! I love this idea! I want to link up next week. I love the new look! xo

Trina Curran said...

This made me laugh! such a funny feature...I may need to play along too. :) I like your blog!


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