Wednesday, January 26, 2011

M.I.A. Part Deux

I've had my hands full lately with a sick little munchkin. What started out as a little congestion, has turned into a full-blown, snot running, coughing cold. We've missed a lot of fun activities and outings this week, and I'm hoping Bobby will be back to 100% soon, or close to it. Our fourth semester of Kindermusik starts tomorrow, and I'd hate for him to miss it!

I do feel like I totally jinxed myself though with him getting sick. Last week, at a friend's birthday gathering, I was talking with my friend Ginger. We were both impressed with the fact that our kids had only been sick a couple of times since school started last August! Well, Bobby had been sick just twice; her little girl, once. And, of course, he wakes up sick the next morning. Do you feel like you jinx yourself with your kids ever? Ha!

Bob and I did manage to go out of town this weekend though. I'll fill everyone in on a little trip recap, as soon as I have some free time (hopefully today during nap time). As of right now, we're just hanging out upstairs in our "man cave"/media/play room {This room is yet to be defined.}

I hope to catch up with everyone very soon!



Shannon said...

Hmmm, sounds so familiar! Sorry thear y'all have been under the weather. With GG being sick she missed her first Kindermusik class last week but fortunately was able to go yesterday!

Just returned from our 18 month check up and the doc told us that RSV and several over infections are making the rounds...ugh! Stay healthy, once y'all get healthy that is!

Take care!

Jumping Jack said...

I hope Bobby gets to feeling better soon!

I can't wait to hear about yall's little getaway!

Bobbo said...

Excuse me, i must not know what room you're referring to because the one i'm thinking of is clearly defined as The Man Room!!!

flip flops and pearls said...

Awe, (((hugs))) to Momma and Booby! My big boy (17) is sick right now. It's still hard on mom even at that age cause you just want them to be well!!

Lady Trinidad said...

feel better lil bobby. looking forward to more posts from you jen.

Ashley said...

Oh no, sick babies are no fun! :(


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