Monday, January 10, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

Holy Batman! It's been a L.A.Z.Y day in my world today. The "big" snowstorm of 2011 was nothing too exciting here. We got a dusting of snow (if you even want to call it that) and a lot of ice. It started snowing last night, and I thought for sure we'd wake up with a few inches. Honestly, the weather app on my phone said to expect 2-4 inches. Was someone smoking crack at the Weather Channel? It just sucks to be stuck inside all day, all because of ice. I, at least wish we could've had snow to play in. Thankfully, we are heading to our neighbors' house to watch the big BCS Championship game after dinner. We are all going a bit stir crazy! And, this may be the only time I say this - but,

War Eagle!



Shannon said...

Jen I can't believe my eyes...War Eagle...really? Just kidding, gotta stick with the good ol' SEC!

I hear ya about going stir crazy! Here's to better (warmer) days!

flip flops and pearls said...



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