Saturday, January 8, 2011

Welcome Weekend Wander!

Happy Weekend Y'all!

I'm linking up with For the Love of Blog's Weekend Wander today.

What is everyone doing this weekend? We are expecting snow tomorrow afternoon, into Monday! I'm excited to get out and play in it! As for the rest of the weekend... I think it'll be pretty low-key. We'll most likely hit Costco today (love that place!). I'm going to try and gather up some old stuff to donate too. It's a new year, which means, time to declutter! We'll probably head to church tomorrow morning, and then lunch at PF Chang's with some new friends. That is... if the weather is ok!

By the way, we rented Dinner for Schmucks last night. Ugh. What a waste of time!

Have a fabulous weekend!



CP said...


Found you on a blog hop and am your newest follower - Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.

Check out my "retail therapy" giveaways and enter a few, there are some great products to win.

I also have a fantastic weekly blog hop.


Ross said...

Great blog! You look like such a happy family, all the best!

Marcie said...

Thank you for the tip on the movie. I have it on my Netflix, but will move it further down the list, or maybe off completely.

Love the blog and the look.

xo Marcie

Jenny Postma said...

Seriosuly LOVE the new blog look! If we were back in Bham we would proably be at Costco with you:) So sad I missed the girls night. I can't wait to get back to you girls! So now do Jack and I get to go to the library classes with you and Bobby? Plus we have to get our walking/jogging schedule down! Miss you lots!!!

Waiting said...

Love the new look!

That movie was the worst. I sadly saw it in the theater and almost walked out. No one should watch it!


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