Thursday, August 25, 2011

26 Weeks Pregnancy Update

Here I am at 26 weeks...
And, here I was at 22 weeks.
I can see a difference, can you?
I had my 26 week appointment today. Everything is going great! The baby's heartbeat was 150, and I measured right on time. I have gained 13 lbs. to date. Thankfully, I only gained 2 lbs. this month. Last time, I had gained 5, and was a little worried!
The pregnancy has been pretty easy lately - with the exception of feeling tired here and there. I am dreading the lack of energy the 3rd trimester will soon bring. I am starting to feel pretty uncomfortable now while sleeping, with a lot of tossing and turning. I guess my belly truly is starting to get huge. Thankfully though, the non-stop pee'ing in the night has slowed down a lot. Bob is feeling the baby kick all the time, and actually felt her around 21 weeks (he felt Bobby at 23 weeks).
Speaking of Bobby, he says "night-night" to his baby sister every night. He can say "baby", but has a bit of a hard time pronouncing "sister." It is too cute though.
We've decided to name our little princess...
Evelyn Lee or "Evie"



Waiting said...

What a sweet name.

You look great!!

Shannon said...

Love her name, thanks for sharing!

Won't be long now...


jbeatty said...

Jennifer you look great! I'm glad to hear you are feeling well and that the babe is doing well. I love her name.

Tracey said...

So sweet! Evelyn is a beautiful name. :)

Sista Sista said...

Can't wait to meet her! xoxox
And your a hot momma:)


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