Monday, January 28, 2013


Not only does sweet Bobby resemble me; but, apparently, we sleep the same way.

Taken last Mother's Day, at the lake.
Bobby said the other day to me, "Daddy was Bobby when he was little.  Then, he got big, and was called Bob.  Now, he's Daddy."

Says, "dude, cray cray," all the time.  He also calls everyone, a Pizza Maker.  I have NO IDEA where that one came from.  He asks to eat pizza nightly for dinner.  He has started saying, "May I please have (milk, etc...)?  He is learning what good "words" are (manners).

He's really into Lego's lately, building sets with his daddy.  He still loves to play with his Hot Wheel/Matchbox cars, train table, and Batman.

He weighs 35 lbs, and is wearing a size 12 shoe (although, I would bet he needs to move up in size!). He's also in 4T clothes, but the tops are big, and the pants are starting to inch up.  He's just so skinny!

He still enjoys school, but decided to discontinue Kindermusik.  It made me sad!  He has been clingy to me lately, and seems to be going thru a shy spell.  He is all about Evie, and he loves playing with her.  He is also the same way toward Winston.  Loves dancing, playing chase, and snuggling.

Favorite TV shows:  Chuggington, Doc McStuffins, and Sofia the First.  

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