Friday, January 4, 2013

Evie is One Year Old

Evie turned Twelve months old on November 29, 2012.

Weight:  22.2 lbs. (70%)
Length:  29.5 inches (70%)
Clothes/Diaper: 12-18 months/Size 4 diapers/Size 4 shoes

Sleeping Patterns:  Evie is still a great sleeper.  She sleeps at least 11 hours a night.  She's in bed between 6:00-7:00pm.  She is napping twice a day, and I don't think she's dropping to one nap anytime soon.  Her morning nap is typically the longer of the two. 

Eating Habits:  Evie is drinking whole milk now.  She'll have milk in a sippy cup once per day, and then milk in a bottle 2 to 3 times per day.  She is pretty good with all kinds of sippy cups, but will not necessarily drink her milk, unless it is in a bottle.  She is a pretty good eater, and will usually eat well at least twice a day.  She loves to snack, and especially loves to mooch off of anyone!  She loves to sit on her daddy's lap every morning and eat cereal with him. 

Milestones:   Evie is busy, and my little daredevil.  She is a lot more mischievous, then Bobby was at this age.  She climbs everywhere!  New this month:  loves to climb stairs, play chase, playing with her "girl" toys (kitchen, tea set, etc..), clapping to music, ride-on toys, and taking more of an interest in books.  New words: bye-bye.  And, she is really trying to talk.  She's pretty good at communicating, and letting us know what she wants/needs.  Also, Evie and Bobby are playing a lot more easily together now.  He is always asking to play with her, and they are turning into sweet little buddies. Evie has two top teeth now, and two bottom teeth. She is cutting an incisor currently. 

Places Evie loves:  Being held!  Evie is still super clingy.  While I know I'll miss this one day - it can definitely wear on me some days.  She loves playing with Bobby, walks in her push-car, and playing at the park.  She hates to be confined, which makes eating out with her difficult.  She will only sit in her highchair for so long.  She loves to explore while out in public.

Special Friends:  Big Brother Bobby, Reid Woodham, and Sam Harris.  They played together this month, while the older kids made gingerbread houses.

Current Events: Fiscal Cliff anxieties, U of AL vs. Notre Dame in BCS National Championship game, and 2nd Amendment debate over gun violence.

What We Did this Day:  Not too much, Bobby, Evie, and Mommy all had colds.  Family birthday party post coming soon!

Here's Bobby at twelve months:

And, here's his twelve month post.

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