Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Lee/Galvez/Castro Thanksgiving Photo Session

For the second time, in 4 years, my mother's side of the family all got together for Thanksgiving.  We decided to do a professional shoot; with all the new babies, and fiancés/girlfriends.

I'll add my family's new pictures to my menu button "Family Photos," up top.

Seriously, I think this family likes to reproduce!

We'll start with my family - the Rosses.  
These pictures will look familiar to you, if you got a Christmas card from us! :)

Me, Evie (1 years old), Bob, and Bobby (3 1/2 years old.)

Now, to break it down more easily...

Here's a picture of my grandmother (the matriarch), and her three daughters.

Gloria (the baby), my Abuela, Marilu (middle child), and my mom (the first-born.)
So, the Castro clan is in white, Galvez in red, and Lee in black.  Abuela is sporting all three colors.  I love that!

Up next... the Lee family.

In a nutshell, it's my parents (front and center), my brother Chuck & wife (4 kids), my brother Mike & wife (4 kids), us (2 kids), and my sister and fiance.  Whew...

Here's my parents with their 10 grandchildren:

Top Row:  Andrew (9), Matthew (11), Victoria (14), Meagan (13)
Bottom Row:  Ashley (12), Dad, Mom holding Ava (4), Evie (1), Alexis, (6),  Abby (8), and Bobby (3).

Each family was able to get pictures, just like the Lee's.  

Here's a group shot of Abuela, with all of her great-grandchildren.  All 19 of them!

And, one final shot of EVERYONE!!!

I bet the photographer needed a big glass of wine, when she was done with this session! Ha!

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