Thursday, January 10, 2013

Evie's Shenanigans

It's been drizzly, misty, and rainy most of today.  And, with no school for Bobby, and no errands to be run - we've been stuck inside most of the day.  We were able to go for a two mile walk, after the weather dried up.  

But, now - I feel like I'm just watching the clock, to start cooking dinner.  This is the time of day that drags always.  Even on those busy days... hurry up, Daddy.  Come home!

Here's what my rascal, daredevil, 13 month old has been up to today:

My little climber.  Who knows where those car keys could've ended up?!?  (Oh, and please excuse our shade on the window.  One of my kids ripped it!)

Caught her sitting in her toy bin.  She so reminds me of my niece, Alexis in this picture!

Running around in her green cap.

Monkeys jumping on the bed.
Oh, and please excuse the awesome quality of my iPhone pics!


jbeatty said...

Love this. Love the baby in the diaper and those perfectly chunky little legs.

jbeatty said...

Oh and her hair, love love love it!!


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