Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One Year Old!

Bobby turned One Year old on April 30th, 2010.

Doesn't he look like a big boy!?!

Weight: 20.75 lbs. (15th percentile)

Height: 30 3/4 inches (55th percentile)

Sleeping Patterns: Not much has changed within the past month regarding sleep. Bobby is still averaging between 11-12 hours of sleep per night. He is usually in bed around 7pm. After trying for a week and a half to "officially" transition him to one nap, he was obviously not ready (like I had thought). As of now, his morning nap is at 9:45am, lasting anywhere from 1-2 hours. His afternoon nap is 2pm, and is usually a short catnap. Some days, he does not take it at all, or sleeps on the go. One funny thing to mention is Bobby's new acquired nickname given to him by my parents. They called him Beaver Ross while visiting recently because he has chewed his crib rails so badly! I'm glad we did not spend too much on his crib!

Eating Habits: Bobby's eating schedule each day is typically this:
7am - Bottle of Whole Milk
7:30 am - Breakfast
9:15 am - Morning Snack
12:00 pm - Lunch
3:00 pm - Afternoon Snack
5-6 pm - Dinner
Bedtime - Bottle of Whole Milk

Bobby is eating all table food, and is generally not very picky. He is also drinking at least 8 oz. of juice + purified water each day. He does great with a sippy cup. I will probably replace his morning bottle with a sippy cup sometime soon. But, in all honesty, I am in no rush! I want to baby him as long as possible :).

New discoveries & Accomplishments: Bobby's changed quite a bit in the past month. He is still very vocal, and making new sounds. He recently started with h's, y's (like yes), and also loves to click his tongue. He mimics us with clicking his tongue, and making motor mouth sounds. I have heard him say "hi" a few times, but his main words are still "mama" and "dada." Bobby is waving bye-bye (when he feels like it), plays peek-a-boo, plays "gimme five", and is very interested in having books read to him. He is truly a sponge absorbing it all in. As for walking, I believe we are getting close. He is balancing for longer periods of time. I think he gets scared though, and sits back down. He is still into everything; and would rather pull out all of our DVD's, tupperware, or napkins, instead of playing with his toys. Bobby is wearing 12-18 months in clothes, and size 5/6 in shoes. He has four teeth on the top, and 2 on the bottom. He is in size 4 diapers.

Places you love: Thankfully, Bobby has now entered into the snuggly stage! He loves to rest his head on my shoulder when I hold him. He also loves to snuggle each morning, and after each nap. Bobby also loves: riding in his buggy/car, wagon, stroller, and in the car. The car seat in Daddy's car faces forward, and he is very into checking out his surroundings. It made the last car trip (4.5 hours) a breeze! Bobby loves the pool, and is fearless in the water. He loves taking baths still, and is making bigger and bigger splashes. Bobby is also starting to pet, and climb on Winston more and more. He also loves going to Publix with me. He just talks away! Overall, Bobby's disposition is truly a blessing. For a baby that I felt was borderline colic, things are a dream now!

Special Friends: All of the babies in our neighborhood, and those invited to Bobby's first birthday party - Cameron, Cooper, Drew, Harper, and Luke.

Current Events: Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico, Mommy just discovered Justin Bieber, Nashville floods, Orlando Magic are in the Eastern Conference Finals.

What We did This Day: Family was in town for the special day! Grandma and Grandpa Lee, Grandma and Grandpa Ross, Uncle Chuck, Aunt Lorraine, Aunt JoJo, Aunt Melissa, cousins Victoria, Ashley, Andrew, and Alexis all came to celebrate! Daddy took off work too. We all went to the zoo, and then cooked out for dinner. It was so fun!

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Jamie said...

oh my gosh! does he look that big in person? he does look like such a big boy. nixon doesn't look that big to me but their 1 yr stats are pretty similar. cute boy!

Tracey said...

Happy Birthday Bobby! It sounds like you are doing great! :)

The McCrystals said...

He so looks like a little boy! I see he's got than beautiful, tan Lee skin too!

He's just beautiful! I get to meet him in less than 2 months!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

So precious! What a big boy! Beaver Ross is hilarious! I have such a good mental picture of that...


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