Saturday, May 29, 2010

Regions Charity Golf Classic & Kathy and Ryan's Visit

My sister and her boyfriend, Ryan came up to visit a few weeks ago. They are big golfers, and they were the perfect visitors for the weekend! We enjoyed the Regions Charity Golf tournament, held on our neighborhood's golf course. We enjoyed our neighborhood's festivities to it's fullest! The weather was gorgeous the entire weekend. And, Bobby was great during the tournament! On Friday, we all followed a group for four holes, and Bobby did not make a peep. I think the other spectators following the same group were pretty impressed!

Kathy and Ryan plan on coming up next year for the same event. Family tradition, perhaps?!?

Kathy and Bobby enjoying an early evening walk.

Kathy and I at the golf tournament.

Me, Bob, Bobby, and Kathy.

Our neighborhood's 2nd annual "Mudbugs and Mulligans" block party!

Ryan, Kathy, me, Bob, and Bobby at the par-tee! (ha ha)



Shannon said...

Such a hoot..."par" tee! Love everything EXCEPT the Alabama tent. Can't believe y'all didn't set them straight! Where's the Gator tent? And know I've mentioned it before, but still lovin' the hair color!

The McCrystals said...

There's that random girl again :)

So cute!

I'm seeing your sister (twin) in just a few minutes, actually!

Kathy said...

I think the family tradition sounds like a plan!! Had so much fun!! Love You Guys


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