Monday, May 3, 2010

Bobby's First Trip to the Zoo!

Bobby's first birthday fell on Friday, April 30th. My parents were in town, as well as Bob's. Daddy took off work, and more family came in for the special day from Atlanta. We filled our tummies with a big lunch, and headed off to the Birmingham Zoo for a fun-filled afternoon! After our trip, we headed home for a cookout of hamburgers and hot dogs on our new grill (thanks Dad!).

Grandma Joye is appropriately dressed in her hat; as well as Bobby, in his "1st Birthday" onesie.

Andrew (age 6) and Ashley (age 10) riding the camel "Chuck."

And, here's my brother Chuck, brushing a rhino.

Bobby in his favorite spot these days, on Daddy's shoulders.

Family pic - checking out the animals.

"Daddy, why is your hair so short?!?"

"Gotta wear shades..."



The McCrystals said...

Love it! What a great day it looks like you guys had!

Shannon said...

So fun! Love the Gator stroller! Man he's riding in style! Looks like y'all had a fantastic b'day weekend! Oh and have I mentioned how much I like your hair????

Kathy said...

Chuck is brushing the rhino with the wrong side......


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