Saturday, May 22, 2010

A Bit Behind

As mentioned previously, I'm a bit behind with my blogging. However, I want to make sure and document everything, because this blog is our family's journal or journey.

This post dates all the way back to Easter. I did blog a bit about what we did Easter weekend here. But, this post recaps the remainder of the weekend. After church, we spent the rest of the day enjoying our neighborhood park, and having our Easter dinner at the resort. It was a beautiful Sunday, and the perfect way for our family to spend our first Easter as three.

A hot-air balloon graced the park at sunset with it's beauty!

Daddy and Bobby goofing off at the playground.

Love his nautical outfit from Nordstrom's!

Bobby checking out one of his Easter gifts, Disney's The Jungle Book.

Here's our little photo shoot at the resort:

Bobby enjoyed the live jazz band playing during our meal!



Shannon said...

Y'all are such a cute family! GG has a bucket hat like Bobby's. Have a great weekend, Jen.!

The McCrystals said...

Luuuuuuuuuuuuuve it! I especially like the matching sandals! That and the fact that Bryn does the EXACT same thing with her hand in her mouth. That is so funny!

That's a really good family pic too. We desperately need to do some.

Side note: I miss your face!

2nd side note: Is it just me, or do you get a kick out of the fake words you have to input to post? I swear, I get ones like poopwhistle or nerdterd (okay, not exactly those, but close).


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