Sunday, May 23, 2010

Birthday Banner

I ordered this banner for Bobby's birthday party, and thought it was really cute!

After scouring the internet, and mainly blogs, I agreed that a Radio Flyer Wagon themed party was the way to go. The Preppy Baby and Marriage, Magnolia, and Manhattan both did posts with great suggestions. If you know Bobby, then you know he is obsessed with wagons! He will crawl over to ones all the time at the pool and park. It is too funny. As with most kids' parties, you really just gotta go with what they love at that age. Next year? Who knows... maybe it'll be an Elmo themed party!

Anyhow, if you are interested in ordering a customized, personalized banner for your little one, here's the 411:

Blooming Babies Boutique



The McCrystals said...

So cute! I just went and checked out their site too. It's awesome and super reasonably priced to boot. I'm surprised (pleasantly, of course)

Shannon said...

Couldn't have been better timing! GG's first is in July...yay! Think we have come down with the stomach bug this morning. GG was up at 4 am crying and throwing up...yikes! Wish us luck today.


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