Thursday, January 29, 2009

Half-Way there!

Both these pictures are essentially the same, but here I am at 20 weeks. These were taken almost 2 weeks ago, and yes, my tummy has gotten a bit bigger. So far, I've gained about 13 lbs., so hopefully this will keep up. The doctor's scale is always a bit more generous, so I like to go with his measurements. :-)


Jamie said...

exciting. isn't it fun when you start to really show. we are on the same track for weight gain, even more exciting:) yesterday when tys and i were checking out of publix we got some nutter butters at the checkout stand. i can't help but think of you and our week in ameilia island. i hope we can meet up before we are both too big with child to travel, ha!

The Holmes Family said...

How cute are you?!?! Love the posts on pregnancy...I hope that all continues to go well!!


Suz said...

Lookin' good Jen! So happy to hear things are progressing so well! Keep the updates coming, my Mom told me a Jr. or a III might be on the way?! Our nephew is a III and we call him Tripp:) Take care of yourself!

Lisa said...

Sooooooooo cute! I checked out your registry. I love all the monkeys! In case you didn't know, you'll be down in 2 months! Yippeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

seriously not fair that one can look that good being pregnant!


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