Friday, April 24, 2009

Flashback Friday - 2004

Here is my first of many Flashback Friday posts, geared more towards our family and friends.


Yep, that's me in the gorilla costume. This was taken in October of 2004. Bob was a gorilla for Halloween that year. I had to try the costume on (of course!) Here I am, breaking it down to what I believe was MJ's "Thriller." This was taken in our old house, when it was still a Bachelor pad. Notice the beers in the background.

Here is Bob earlier that same night at the Ale House in Altamonte Springs.

Lisa, this is for you! Here is our good friend Dale, who is married to my best friend. Lisa, I have no idea when this picture was taken, except that it was in 2004! He looks like his clenching his teeth over something! LOL

Kelly, these last two are for you. The boys were obviously on one of their work trips. You might have better details than me. I do know they were in California. Look how young and cute they are! (oh, and probably drunk in the last one, ha ha!)


Kelly said...

Too cute! I love it! Yes, they were in California. Kyle would have better information on their exact whereabouts.

Kyle said...

The first picture is our romantic evening at the Santa Monica pier I believe...the second was the after party in an undisclosed room at the Holiday Inn Express in Rosemead, CA!

Kelly said...

I think Jen and I want to know, who exactly was taking those pictures??? Huh? ...or wait, maybe at this point we DON'T want to know!

Kyle said...

We hired a personal photographer...what's funny is that I think we were singing William Hung's 'She Bangs' in that picture!!

The Pink Owl said...

Cute pictures! Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)

I was just looking at your side pictures and you are soooo cute pregnant!!!


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