Friday, April 10, 2009

Something One Should NEVER See


I haven't uploaded my pictures from our trip yet, so I decided to just post about this experience my husband had while we were in Orlando. If you click on the link above, you'll be taken to Orlando's local news channel. You can either read the article or watch the video. If you see the video, you'll recognize Bob in the background a couple of times, along with his dad, and his friend.

So, assuming you have watched the video or read the article, this was probably one of the most horrific things to witness in one's life.

Bob and his dad ran some errands during my baby shower. After doing some shopping, they met an old friend at the local gun range in Orlando. His friend is interested in purchasing a gun, and wanted Bob and his dad to give him some instruction on how to use it. Bob's dad is a retired colonel, and the both of them are trained or experienced in handling a gun (along with myself).

While Bob did not actually witness the shooting, he did see the young man deceased. He was called into the range, because he knew CPR, and thought that he could help. Of course, he had no idea what he was going to see. He thought it was an accidental shooting, and it was a flesh wound. What actually happened was a mother (age 44), who was insane, took her son (age 20) to the gun range. She shot him in the head, and then turned the gun on herself. Later recordings of an audio she left behind, had her saying or thinking that she was the anti-christ. She shot her son, so he would go to heaven, and she would go to hell. Clearly, she was not all there. Her only way of getting a gun, was to go to the gun range, and I suppose trick her son. How horrible!

*and, yes, when you go to the gun range, they ask if you have had psychological problems in the past, or are on medication. Obviously, the system has loop holes in it.

So, as you can imagine, seeing someone who had been shot in the head is unimaginable. Bob has spared me the details for the most part (thankfully). He has told me a few things, but I am not going to share them on my blog. This whole experience has been crazy, and sad for him. It makes me very sad to think my poor husband had to see this. It certainly is not something most will ever see in their lifetime.

I know this is a gruesome, disturbing post, and I'm sorry. I don't know why I am really sharing it, other than the fact, that it has made for an interesting past few days for us.

I can only pray none of you all will ever have to experience something like this!


Miss. Pretty said...

My mom told me about was on her local news channel..she's about an hour 1/2 away from Orlando.

I'll keep your husband in my thoughts, I'm sure it's hard to get something like this out of your head.

A Love Worth Waiting For said...

That is sooo sad!! : (

Shannon said...

wow crazy....i am glad you posted...awareness is everything.

Totty said...

Poor Bob. I heard about this on the morning news the other day.
Hopefully he will be able to get those images out of his mind before long. miss you guys!

Linz Adams said...

Wow Jen...that is terrible! I'm so sorry Bob had to go through that.


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