Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Nesting & Exercising

(Hoover Rec Center, courtesy of Hoover Area Chamber of Commerce site.)

I have a question for all you mommies out there.

Did you have a nesting phase in your third trimester? If so, when did it start?

I am so eager to experience this part of being pregnant! I feel like it has somewhat started, but I am also a bit OCD, so I'm not too sure. I have spent the past couple of days getting organized, and now I just need to carry out all of my To-Do's, and what-not. Anyhow, I am just curious as to what others have experienced with this phenomenon.

On a different, and more exciting note, Bob and I joined the Hoover Rec Center on Sunday. We were interested in a gym that had a pool, so Bob can train for triathlons. The gym is only $360/year for an entire family! Not too shabby. The best part (for me) is that childcare is offered. I am hoping to start back running as my main form of exercise once the baby comes, but I also like to do Pilates and Yoga for cross-training. The gym offers both, along with Spin classes. I probably won't use it until after the baby comes (my form of exercise now is just walking), but Bob has already gone twice. Suweeeet!

P.S. I found an ant on me, and I can't stop itching now! Ahhh!!!


Shannon said...

that sounds like a great place for you guys!

Kelly said...

I was also OCD when I cleaned. I didn't necessarily get to a nesting phase of my pregnancy as I was always wanting to clean and pick up. You may or may not get to this phase. The only phase I remember was being ready to have her starting around 33 weeks! I was sooo ready to meet her (and she started having hiccups daily, especially at night, which was fun for me)......

Kendalls said...

my form of nesting has been hiring a cleaning lady! the ocd part was going around after she left and really cleaning...baseboards, walls, fridge, lights!! wes was a month early and i had been on bed rest and in the hospital for a week, so i don't know that nesting occurred last time! i'm doing laundry for our new one and getting packed for the hospital...could be six weeks, could be ?????

Kendalls said...
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