Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2 Month Check-up

Well, I just returned from Bobby's 2 month check-up!

Here are his stats:

Weight - 9 lbs., 10 oz.
Height - 21.5 inches
Head Circumference - 40 cm

For his actual age, he is in the 25th percentile.
Had he gone full-term, he'd be in the 75th percentile.

This appointment was tough for me. He got his shots, and I had never heard him cry the way he did. I could just tell he was in pain. Luckily, he calmed down after only a few minutes.

So, am I the only mom out there that cried when their baby got their shots?


mom said...

wait till he gets on the bus to go to kindergarten- then you will really cry!!! love, mom

The Wilder Family said...

I am already dreading our 2 month check-up for the same reason! Sounds like Bobby is doing great and he'll never remember getting those darn shots today!

Collier Chronicles said...

I did not take Ethan for his shots. I managed to manipulate my mom and/or my husband to take him for this reason.
I just couldn't take it. It broke my heart.

However, now, he just cries for like a nano second and then he is fine.

I can not beleive he is 2 months. Crazy.

LyndsAU said...

bless your heart! i am sure it's so hard to hear your baby cry! i will bawl i am sure!! glad to hear he is good! :)

Kendalls said...

I took back-up!! My friend Pam came with me...and her son for Wes! It is heartbreaking, even at 2 years old...but they get over it so quickly!

Shannon said...

jennifer he is so cute! i loved reading all your posts....what a good little mama you are. he is so adorable and your family seems to be doing so well,i am so happy for you.

Katherine Breehl said...

No way, you are definately not the only Mom to cry!! I cried when we decided to let him cry himself to sleep for the first time in his crib. Len said 15 mins. and he did not fall asleep until about 14 mins and 30 seconds. I had my hand on the doorknob ready to enter exactly at 15 mins. And he magically stopped crying.

I also cried the when I left him at daycare the first day!! He was happy as a clam, and I was bawling!!!

I also cried when we left him at camp for the first time(12 yrs. old). It was at Stetson and I felt like I was sending him off to college! Get used to it. There are many firsts!! :) Most are good things. :)


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