Monday, July 13, 2009

Splish Splash

On Saturday, Bob and I met some of our neighbors at the pool for some good food, and swimming. There are 4 families that we have gotten to know since moving in, and all of us have babies that are 7 months or younger. We all decided to bring the babies to the pool for an early evening swim. It was Bobby's first time in the pool, and he loved it! I didn't have any doubts though - he loves the bathtub.

Onto the pictures...

Here is a candid shot of all the mom's and babies after the swim.

Bobby and I. He let me hold him like this for almost an hour. He was totally relaxed!

The mommies and babies...
From L to R: Ginger and Harper, Amy and Ava, Me and Bobby, Whitney and Hayes, and Dana and Kayla.

Ava is the oldest, born in December, and Kayla is the youngest, born a week after Bobby.

Bobby and Daddy - soaking up the water!

My two sweet boys!


pocket full of pink said...

Oh my goodness, Bobby looks SO precious!! What fun!

mom said...

he is getting so big!!!!

Jessica Regan said...

How great that you have such a wonderful support system! Those play dates will be too much fun!

Meg said...

He is just getting cuter and cuter! How fun you can take him to the pool. You look great too!


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