Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fireworks with the Wilder's

Ok, so here's the last of the 4th updates (finally, right?!?).

We were invited to our good friends' house, the Wilder's, for delicious ribs and fireworks that night. Amy's parents were in town too, and they were as sweet as can be. Unfortunately for Bob and I, Bobby had other plans during our visit. Let's just say I thought he was the Devil's Spawn for the evening. I kid. I kid. In all honesty, it was past his bedtime, and I think the day's events might have worn him out. And, we're not sure if the fireworks freaked him out or not. Hopefully next year's 4th will be better.

On to some pictures...

Here is Drew, snoozing in his crib. He was the good child that night ;-)

Daddy and Bobby. Bobby was perhaps waiting for the next "Boom!" to appear in the sky, and possibly scare the living sh*t out of him.

This is Katie, the Wilder's cute lab. She LOVED the fireworks. It was hilarious to watch. Honestly, it could've been on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Amy and I. Please excuse my mess of a hairdo. It's been awhile since I've gotten it cut or highlighted. Isn't motherhood great that way?

Bobby and Bart. I just thought this was a cute picture, catching Bobby in a yawn. See? I told you he was up past his bedtime!


LyndsAU said...

cute sweet pics :) bobby is just adorable!

aunt kathy said...

i personally like bobbys outfit

The Pink Owl said...

He's so cute!!


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