Friday, September 25, 2009

Bobby's First Beach Trip

As mentioned in a previous post, Bobby had his first trip to the beach during our stay in Gulf Shores. We were only there for a couple of hours, because of the sun and the babies. Plus, it was hot! Bob and Bart were able to swim in the ocean, in preparation for the triathlon the next morning. For most of the trip, Bob and I kept joking around with each other about being at the beach in Alabama. Whaaaat?!?!

First family picture at the beach! I am hoping we make an annual trip to the beach each year as a family.

"Bobby, what do you think of all this sand?"

"Mommy, I'm not so sure about this water! It's cold!"

"Ok Mommy, as long as you and Daddy are here... I'm ok!"

September 18, 2009


Jessica said...

How fun!!! And you look absolutely fantastic!!! I miss you and look forward to getting together one day so the boys can play ; )

Lisa said...

He's so big! Too cute! I can't wait to meet him. Only, what, 3 more months?

The Wilder Family said...

I am ready to go back!! Next year will be so much fun playing in the sand with the boys!


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