Wednesday, September 9, 2009

This Cross-over is not Cuttin' it!

Bob and I took our first road trip over Labor Day weekend to Peachtree City to visit his parents. Bobby did great, and slept most of the way, there and back. As you can see by these pictures, our cross-over SUV is not going to last through another child!

Bobby and Winston checking each other out.

Our backseat was full!

Winston in the trunk. The backseat was folded down for him. It didn't make much of a difference. Poor pup.

Winston thinking "What the #$%!"


Whitney said...

Yeah, we have to take a trailer when we go out of town... we don't even try to fit everything in Justin's FULL SIZE SUV. I suppose we could squeeze it all in, but with 2 big dogs, it's just easier to take the trailer. ;-)

Meg said...

I love Winston and Bobby checking each other out. Too funny!


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