Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Five Months Old

Bobby turned Five months old on September 30, 2009.

Weight: 14.8 lbs.
Length: 25 inches

Sleeping Patterns: Bobby's sleeping patterns have been strange the past couple of weeks. We went out of town two weeks ago, and he was also sick with a cold. Since then, he has been waking up several times after we put him down for the night. He is also waking up in the early morning hours (4am/5am). Lately, we have been bringing him into our bed so we can get more sleep. His naps are still short, but I feel like they are starting to get back to normal again. I am guessing he'll just be pretty inconsistent until he's a year old. Next, we'll have to deal with teething! We are still starting his bedtime routine each night at 7pm.

Eating Habits: We tried cereal for the first time a week or so after his four month birthday. I did not feel he was ready to start solids, so we have put this off. We may start this month, we may not. He is eating now between 7-8 oz. of formula each feeding. He, on average, eats five times per day.

New discoveries & Accomplishments: There is lots to report this month! Bobby has rolled over! He started about 3 weeks ago. He is also doing better with tummy time. He still does not like it very much, but he is at least doing mini-pushups with his arms. It is too cute. He is also sitting better in his Bumbo seat. He still leans a little bit, but I think he'll be fully supporting himself over the next couple of weeks. He is still talking like crazy, and laughing more too. He especially laughs when I tickle his belly. He is actually starting to outgrow his Activity mat. He seems to be bored with it lately. He is now using his Exersaucer and Jumparoo. He sat in his Exersaucer the other day while I made dinner, and it was great! We also will watch Baby Einstein some days. I usually use it as a last resort, when I need the TV to "babysit" him. He has also started to grab for his toys, and hold them. Of course, everything goes straight to the mouth.

"Ooohhh, paper! I want to put this in my mouth!"

Places you love: Sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed, his Exersaucer, Jumparoo, Bumbo seat, and taking walks or runs in the stroller. He also loves his Kindermusik class we attend on Monday mornings.

Special Friends: Bobby has hung out with a lot of friends this month. He sees Drew weekly. Today he had lunch with Harper!

Current Events: Football season is in full force. The Gators are undefeated, and are still ranked #1! Politics is, as usual - health care reform, the war in Afghanistan, etc... Patrick Swayze passed away too. He was in one of mommy's most favorite movies, Dirty Dancing.

What We did This Day: We had a fun day today! Fall is starting, and it was another beautiful day outside. We went to Do It Yourself Crafts with Ginger & Harper and got our footprints made. We then went to lunch. Afterwards, we ran to Publix, and came home.


Lisa said...

He's so big! Is it just the angle or is he really that tall? I guess, with Bob as his Dad, it's to be expected. I can't wait to meet him!

Jamie said...

you are a good mommy! glad things are going so well with little bobby. can't believe 5 months has passed... we'll be celebrating next friday!!

aunt kathy said...

he is a big boy!!! can't wait to see him, i miss you guys


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