Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ross Bridge 8k

Bob and I (and, Bobby too!) participated in our first race together since Bobby was born. Our neighborhood hosted it's first annual 8k, benefiting Alabama Teen Challenge. The race was held this past Saturday at 8am. Bob pushed the stroller, and I set the pace. The race ended in a downpour, but it was a lot of fun, nonetheless. Luckily, Bobby was kept dry with his car seat cover, and stroller cover. Our unofficial time was just over 48 minutes. I secretly think we did better! ;-) We ran towards the back of the pack, due to the stroller, and there were no chips for timing.

We are looking forward to running the race next year!

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Whitney said...

Wow, I think y'all made GREAT time! I was thinking about you all hoping that you were able to finish before the big rain. I (being and the back of the back of the pack... really there was no pack at all around me) got dumped on before I finished the race. But it was all good...


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