Monday, September 21, 2009

Gulf Shores Trip

If you are close to our family (and, a friend of Bob's on Facebook), then I'm sure you've noticed that he has been doing a lot of training these past few months. Well, this past weekend, the training paid off. We headed down to Gulf Shores, AL for Bob's first Olympic Triathlon. The Alabama Coastal Triathlon was held on Saturday, September 19th.

We drove down Thursday morning, and came home on Sunday. It was a fun trip that was shared with our friends the Wilder's. Bob and Bart both participated in the race. For those of you not familiar, an Olympic Triathlon is about a mile swim, 24 mile bike ride, and 6 mile run. The weather hung out around the 90 degree mark, so, as you can imagine, it was tough!

We woke up on Friday morning, and headed to the beach. (I'll post more about Bobby's first beach trip soon. I forgot our camera, and have to get the pictures from Amy).

After the beach, we headed home for showers and naps for the babies. Afterwards, we went to The Hangout for a pre-race meal (for the guys), packet pick-up, and an early dinner for Amy and myself.

Bob and I at The Hangout.

The boys chillaxin' on the table while we ate. I can't get enough of these pictures of the two of them!

Amy and I with our sweet boys.

Bobby fell asleep in Daddy's arms after dinner.

After dinner family picture by the beach.

Well, after this night, our camera battery died. Thankfully, the Wilder's were able to take plenty of pictures for us. As soon as I get the pictures from Amy, I will complete our trip update, as well as Bob's stats from the triathlon.

***On a mushy note... We are so thankful and blessed to have the Wilder's as friends. Our husbands have so much in common, and Amy and I do too. We actually joke around quite a bit, of how we are long lost twins. And, the icing on the cake is having sons that are just six weeks apart. Neither of us have family in Birmingham, so it is wonderful to have a family that you truly can count on, and have fun with. {Ok, mushy note is done... }


The Wilder Family said...

Ditto Sister!!

Whitney said...

Oh my gosh! Justin and I were down there, too! We went to the beach on Saturday morning and stood at the finish line cheering on many of the tri-athletes! Wish we had seen y'all down there! Kudos to Bob to finishing. I'm sure he did well.


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