Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Game Talk

Bobby and Drew had a very riveting conversation while watching the SEC Championship on Saturday.

I was lucky enough to overhear the entire thing!

Drew: Give me a high five! Alabama just scored again!
Bobby: Ugh...ok, fine. But, I'm not getting up to do this!

Bobby: Dude, I'm telling you! Tebow is my uncle! I swear. He taught me how to do push-ups. See?
Drew: Man, I just don't believe you. Sheesh!

Drew: There, there, Bobby.... It's ok. You guys will score again.

Bobby: See? My head IS bigger than yours! Just like Tebow's!

Drew: Bobby, Bobby! Look at this! I got your toy! Dang it Bobby, pay attention to meeeee!!! Stop watching the TV!


Jamie said...


The Wilder Family said...

Too CUTE! When can we expect the next episode of the Bobby and Drew show??!!! Love you guys! We had so much fun hanging out!

sylvia said...

Jen that is so funny!

Kathy said...

LOL, Bobby is very clever


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